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A water tower represents a significant financial commitment and serves as an icon standing high above the community. Main Street LED specializes in water tower lighting and has fine-tuned water tower illumination with its custom-built dual-lens MSL-PTL-W903 960W LED Tower Series flood light. This super-powerful light can cast over 16 million colors onto a water tower from hundreds of feet away. It also offers fade, strobe, and other programmable modes. Main Street LED is proud to offer this fixture for $1,999.

Lighting Options

Typical water tower lighting schemes include the following:

1. Tower Package: consists of 2 to 4 poles with our signature water tower lights installed on each pole. This covers the entire tower in bright color changing light. Cost of two fixtures, poles, and hardware averages $9,000 to $18,000.

2. Module Lights: Linear strand of our 2″ color changing module lights. Each light is programmable and outputs about 2000 lumens per module. Outdoor rating is IP67. Lights plus 2 power supplies plus a wireless DMX controller is $2200. Keep in mind this will provide a very bright strip of light but not a lot of ambient light. The module strip can be installed on the handrail (if present) or directly on the logo, legs, etc. See these videos of the module lights in action.

3. Flood Lights: 100-400 watt color changing flood lights. These fixtures feature a 120 degree beam angle and output over 11,000 lumens. These can attach to the handrail (if present) or legs and typically cover a specific area of the tank (i.e. logo). Cost of fixtures and brackets plus wireless controller averages $4000-$6000.

4. Linear Wall Washers: 180 watt wall washers can be placed on a catwalk or installed directly on the tank magnetically. Each LED can be individually programmed which makes for some really exciting patterns and effects on the tank. Cost averages $10,000-$20,000.

5. Lasers: At Main Street LED we also supply powerful full color waterproof laser lights that can project logos or moving video onto your water tower. Please be advised that there may be state or local requirements when working with lasers.


Water tower lights can be controlled a variety of ways, from on-site to remotely using any web-enabled device. Many LED fixtures are controlled via the DMX 512 protocol, which is a specific language controlling light color, speed, strobe, dim, etc. DMX typically works for typical control, but not always. Keep reading to see which option makes the most sense for your situation.

1. Radio Frequency: The most simple of controls, this option involves installing a small antenna into the light and using a remote control on site to change the colors. While this may be a cost-effective option, it is also cumbersome since the remote needs to be within 100′ of the tower to change the light colors. Use this option when very limited control is desired. Average cost of this controller is $300.

2. Wi-fi: If your tower has wireless internet access available then we will place a DMX to wi-fi controller or a Main Street LED wi-fi capable board into the fixture. This allows the user to program the lights from any web-enabled device. Average cost of a wi-fi controller is $500.

3. Cellular: Since many water towers reside in areas without a stable wi-fi connection, Main Street LED has built a cellular controller to control its LED lights from any web-enabled device. The cellular connection requires a monthly cellular fee of $25 for the first light and then $5 for each light thereafter. The cost of the controller is absorbed into the monthly cellular cost.

Contact us to determine which controller option is right for you.


Need poles? No problem! We supply poles, tenons and all of the mounting hardware for your installation. Our tower mounting package includes one MSL-PT-W903, one 39’ tall 6″ square steel (7 gauge) pole, tenon top, mounting plate, anchor bolts and base cover for $4,499. A typical tank-only lighting project is 2-4 fixtures/poles. 

Main Street LED does not offer installation services, although we do work with experienced contractors throughout Texas and are building out a network of contractors throughout the United States for this purpose. We have worked hard to make installation as turn-key as possible, and most installations can be performed by in-house municipal crews.

Depending on the lighting package, installation may consist of pouring a concrete pier for each pole or simply installing a panel and conduit to the tower catwalk.


If cost is an issue, many of our municipal clients have been successful funding these improvements from the hotel/motel sales tax since the water towers are being used to attract tourists to the area.

Main Street LED also offers specialized financing for your project to keep your monthly costs manageable. Please call us to discuss this option.

Ready to Proceed?

Here’s a great example of illuminating a water tower with just one of our high power RGB LED light fixtures.

To facilitate bidding for your water tower lighting project you can utilize our engineered bid specification and specification sheet of our Tower Series MSL-PTL-W903.

Question: Why should I use LED lights instead of traditional metal halide?

Answer: LED technology allows for brighter and sharper light and color using half the power of traditional incandescent or other lighting solutions. They have a longer life span lasting an average 10-14 years (based on hours per day) compared to the example of a metal halide that might last 1-2 years before needing to be replaced. Every time a light goes out, you have to buy a new lamp, have the resources to access it, and pay for the manpower to change it. That’s a HUGE benefit to using LED technology. It’s just smarter and brighter!

Question: Does Main Street LED manufacture or resell fixtures?

Answer: Main Street LED works directly with manufacturers in Shenzhen China to custom manufacture its fixtures based upon the needs of the clients. Our lights are typically branded with the Main Street LED logo.

Question: How long does it take to receive my order?

Answer: Since each fixture is custom manufactured for your specific application, our ordering process usually takes 2-3 months. We typically encourage quick and small jobs needing just a few lights (typically under $1,000) to find lights locally or online. Our fixtures are high quality and very customized.

Question: What is the warranty of these fixtures?

Answer: Main Street LED warrants all fixtures for five years. We do not offer gimmicks of 10 or 20 year warranties. As LED fixtures age they typically do not simply burn out. Rather, the drivers usually start to give out which means the LED lumen output isn’t as bright as it should be. However, companies offering longer warranties typically don’t warrant against lower luminosity. Main Street LED uses long-lasting drivers and components to maximize lumen output long-term. Our warranty information is found here.

Question: Can I have different color lights on my tower at the same time?

Answer: Absolutely. Depending on the type of fixture you can program each LED individually or fixture by fixture. Our Tower Series lights can be programmed for each lens.

Question: How much space do I need around my tower for the Tower Series lights to be mounted on poles?

Answer: We recommend at least 50′ from the base of the tower in each direction to maximize the ability to get a good beam of light on the tower. Distances over 100′ may allow the fixture to be ground-mounted instead of pole-mounted.

Question: Do you offer individualized illuminance reports, photometric layouts, etc?

Answer: No. These reports should be provided by your electrical contractor. However, standard a standard illuminance report for our MSL-PTL-W903 Tower Series fixture can be found on the specification sheet.

Question: What other materials are provided?

Answer: DMX cabling, photocells, brackets, strip outlets, etc. may be necessary depending on the installation.

Question: Do you offer training to control the lights?

Answer: Yes. The controls are straightforward to use, but we are happy to provide training over the phone or online at no cost. In person training can be available for an additional fee.

Question: Is one MSL-PTL-W903 sufficient to illuminate the pedestal and tank?

Answer: It depends. Since this fixture offers two lenses, we have been successful pointing the top lens toward the tank and the bottom lens toward the pedestal. However, this configuration depends on the distance of the poles to the tower and the height of the tower. To see how this can be achieved please click here.

Question: How waterproof is the controller?

Answer: The controller for the Tower Series fixture is built into the fixture and completely enclosed. The DMX controlled fixtures may need a NEMA enclosure for the componentry.

Question: Do I need to be concerned about wind loading or temperature overheating?

Answer: The tower package includes poles and tenons that are sufficiently strong for winds over 140 MPH. The fixtures can operate in over 110 degree temperatures, but since they typically only operate at night this has never been an issue.

Question: Can the DMX cable be placed in the same conduit as electrical?

Answer: Yes, often CAT5e cable is used, especially for longer runs. We can supply cable with 600v insulation in the conduit and IP rated extensions from the junction box to the fixture.

Question: What is a good all-in turnkey estimate for four Tower Package lights including installation?

Answer: Depending on the electrical contractor expect to pay $25-30k. If everything is done by your in-house crews the number is closer to $20k.

Ready to order? Email or call us today for a consultation on the right customized solution for your tower.

Landscaping, Facilities, Street Lights, Downtowns, Etc.

In addition to lighting water towers, Main Street LED has worked with municipal and larger private-sector clients to illuminate all kinds of applications. Our color-changing LED landscaping fixtures are incredibly awesome. Our strip lights can be used on bridges, buildings, parapets, etc. We also work with companies such as Honeywell and Siemens to provide lighting for facility retrofit projects.