Main Street LED has a variety of lighting solutions to fit your needs...

Our LED lights are used in a wide variety of applications. If you don’t find what you are looking for below then let us know and we’ll do our best to figure out the answer. No matter the job, we work hard to come up with the perfect solution.

Water Towers

We have cornered the municipal and special district utility elevated water tower market with our controllable, color-changing, high-powered LEDs. We have also found that water towers make great marketing platforms for our gobos. Use our lights on your towers as a symbol of community pride, and make some extra money by leasing your tower space for some night advertising!


Our flagpole lights are specifically manufactured for flags and flagpoles with a customized beam angle and color intensity. You won’t be disappointed with these lights! Our products light residential and commercial flags all over the world. Looking to install a flagpole? Main Street LED has partnered with US Flag & Flagpole Supply as its exclusive lighting solution for all of its regular and monster flagpoles.

Main Street

Main Street Managers and City Managers can use our gobos to illuminate and give life to bare walls, facades, street pavement, sidewalks, and more! For an extra special effect, use our controller to make your lights flash and dance as they come alive with music. How’s that for the perfect retail or tourism ambiance!?! Use hotel/motel tax funds for additional lighting solutions from Main Street LED, thus generating even more tourism.

Additional Applications

Main Street LED has cobra head and other high-mast street and parking lot lighting solutions. Our customers include auto dealers, grocery stores, cities, and others with driving or parking lighting needs. Make your storefront or home come to life with our controllable, energy-saving, color-changing accent lights. Our landscape lights look amazing in parks and yards also! Our lights illuminate fountains, oil derricks, vehicles, etc. Whatever your LED needs, let Main Street LED be your partner and solution.