Cabela’s water tower illuminated with just one LED light!

A water tower represents a significant financial commitment and serves as an icon standing high above the community. Main Street LED specializes in water tower lighting and has fine-tuned water tower illumination with its custom-built dual-lens MSL-PT-W903 960W LED Tower Series flood light. This super-powerful light can cast over 16 million colors onto a water tower from hundreds of feet away. It also offers fade, strobe, and other programmable modes. Since most water towers reside in areas without a stable wifi connection, Main Street LED has built a cellular controller to control its LED lights from any web-enabled device.

At Main Street LED we also supply laser lights that can project logos or moving video onto your water tower. Please be advised that there may be state or local requirements when working with lasers.

Need poles? No problem! We supply poles, tenons and all of the mounting hardware for your installation. Our tower mounting package includes one MSL-PT-W903, one 39’ tall 6″ square steel (7 gauge) pole, tenon top, mounting plate, anchor bolts and base cover for $4,499. A typical tank-only lighting project is 2-4 fixtures/poles. 

If cost is an issue, many of our cities have been successful funding these improvements from the hotel/motel sales tax since the water towers are being used to attract tourists to the area.

Main Street LED specializes in illuminating water, clock, cellular, and other towers in both white and colored LED lighting solutions. With our tight beam angles and capabilities in manufacturing, we can find the best solution for your community and tourism.

Here’s a great example of illuminating a water tower with just one of our high power RGB LED light fixtures.

To facilitate bidding for your water tower lighting project you can utilize our engineered bid specification and specification sheet of our Tower Series MSL-PTL-W903.

LED technology allows for brighter and sharper light and color using half the power of traditional incandescent or other lighting solutions. They have a longer life span lasting an average 10-14 years (based on hours per day) compared to the example of a metal halide that might last 1-2 years before needing to be replaced. Every time a light goes out, you have to buy a new lamp, have the resources to access it, and pay for the manpower to change it. That’s a HUGE benefit to using LED technology. It’s just smarter and brighter!

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