Municipal Led Lights

Main Street LED offers a complete line of LED lights for governmental entities and school districts.


Water Tower LED Lighting

A water tower represents a significant financial commitment and serves as an icon standing high above the community. Main Street LED specializes in water tower lighting and has fine-tuned water tower illumination with its custom-built dual-lens MSL-PT-W903 960W LED Tower Series flood light. This super-powerful light can cast over 16 million colors onto a water tower from hundreds of feet away. It also offers fade, strobe, and other programmable modes. Since most water towers reside in areas without a stable wifi connection, Main Street LED has built a cellular controller to control its LED lights from any web-enabled device.


At Main Street LED we also supply laser lights that can project logos or moving video onto your water tower. Please be advised that there may be state or local requirements when working with lasers.


Need poles? No problem! We supply poles, tenons and all of the mounting hardware for your installation. Our tower mounting package includes one MSL-PT-W903, one 20’ square steel (11 gauge) pole, tenon top, mounting plate, anchor bolts and base cover for $3,600. A typical tank-only lighting project is 2-4 fixtures/poles. A tank and pedestal lighting project can be up to 8 lights (four pole mounted and four ground mounted).


If cost is an issue, many of our cities have been successful funding these improvements from the hotel/motel sales tax since the water towers are being used to attract tourists to the area.





Landscaping LED Lighting

We make the outside look amazing! Main Street LED’s landscaping lights are extremely durable, bright, and effective. Illuminating trees, bushes and shrubs in millions of colors turns your dark and boring parks and grounds landscaping into an attraction to be proud of. Use our controller to control the LED landscape lights from any web-enabled device. The best part? Main Street LED landscaping lights are very economical allowing your dollars to stretch further!


Don’t have conduit to all of your landscaping? No problem! Main Street LED offers a full line of solar flood lights, spot lights, bollards, and lamp posts for your recreational paths, perimeter facility lighting, parks, green belts, playgrounds, and other non-wired areas.






[Solar Lamp Post, floods]



Have a major event coming up? Use one of MSL’s xenon-powered searchlights. These lights are extremely powerful, up to 10,000 watts!, and bring great recognition to any event. Want color? No problem! The CMY lenses provides the perfect combination of colors in the sky! Keep in mind that due to the intensity of these lights the average bulb life is 800 hours.




Stadium Lighting

Can your stadium lights shine in color? Ours can! Main Street LED provides super-bright stadium lights in white light that can change colors for any special event. The lights can also be programmed and changed via any online device with our controller. Next time you are thinking of building a new stadium or retrofitting the MH lights on existing stadiums, think Main Street LED.


1000W Stadium Light



Street and Parking Lot Lighting

If you want to provide great-looking, long-lasting, yet affordable LED street and parking lot lights then look no further. Main Street LED has a large variety of lights to fit your budget and lighting needs. We are sure you will be pleased with the product AND the price.


Street Lights

Parking Lot Lights


Bridges, Underpasses and Trestles

What’s cooler than illuminating a bridge? Main Street LED offers the perfect light for bridges, underpasses and railroad trestles: the MSL-ZC-FL-04-200W Flood Light. This light can be manufactured for a single color or multiple colors. It has a great range and is very inexpensive. Main Street LED also uses strip and module lights to outline bridge features! Need help? Main Street LED can provide installation services too!


MSL-ZC-FL-04-200W Flood Light

Module Light

Strip Light


MSL-PT-W903 (for illuminating suspension cables)


Building LED Lighting

Main Street LED’s strip and module lights are perfect for outlining parapets, windows, doors, and any other architectural feature. School buildings immediately become cool! Downtown buildings automatically provide a warm and inviting ambience for shoppers and tourists. Use the online controller to program your lights. Even program them to music! Bring pride to your facilities with Main Street LED lights!





Wall Washers




Jelly Jar


Wall Pack



Main Street LED has provided lights for a variety of entertaining applications. We love to explore new uses for our lights. We have lit railroad trestles, oil derricks, bridges, underpasses, neon signs, gateway and wayfinding signs, and more. Give us a call to brainstorm innovative lighting applications.