Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of innovative things I can do with my water tower(s)?2019-06-01T22:18:14+00:00

We love innovation and love it when you send us your creative ideas. Here are a few things we have done or seen that you can mimic…

  1. Renting color displays (and another)
  2. Holiday lighting (and another)
  3. Eclectic art (and another)
  4. Laser lighting

Send us your creative water tower lighting ideas and we’ll post them here.

Do you pre-ship bolts while we wait on the pole manufacturing?2019-06-01T21:09:47+00:00

Yes. We will send the bolts and bolt patterns as quickly as possible so the concrete pedestals can be poured and set.

What if I only want one light to shine on my logo?2019-04-30T06:36:45+00:00

That’s fine. You will still need the photometric analysis to determine the correct distance and beam angle for the logo.

What if I have existing lights and poles?2019-04-30T06:36:10+00:00

Main Street LED can replace lights on existing poles. This will greatly reduce the cost but we will need to make sure the existing electrical circuit is adequate and that the new fixtures will work with the existing poles.

Roughly how much should I anticipate spending on a lighting project?2019-05-27T21:36:12+00:00

The table below provides a rough estimate for the cost of lighting your water tower(s). If you have the ability to install the poles and electrical service then you may realize a significant cost savings. The “Installer Estimate” column is an average based on third party electrician costs we have seen on other jobs. On-tank mounting is very specialized. Please call us to discuss if this is your only option.

Installation Estimatee
Can you provide a bid spec?2019-04-30T06:34:51+00:00

Yes, you can find one here.

Is Main Street LED on the BuyBoard or another purchasing co-op?2019-06-01T20:57:04+00:00

Yes! Main Street LED is an approved BuyBoard vendor. Our products are very specific for water tower lighting so being on the BuyBoard is very helpful for entities that follow the bidding process. We have seen (and fixed) disastrous projects where organizations chose vendors and products that weren’t specialized for water tower lighting.

Can I just order white lights?2019-04-30T06:24:30+00:00

Yes. We offer fixtures with only white light. The wattage for these fixtures is determined by the photometric analysis.

Do you offer on-tank lighting options?2019-04-30T06:45:57+00:00

It depends. We have done this before and so have other companies. Usually the outcome is inferior to pole mounted fixtures. The lighting spread can be uneven, maintenance a headache, and the cost is much higher. The best way to illuminate a water tower is from poles or nearby structures. Ground-mounting will also work depending on how much area is around the tower. If there is no adjacent space to illuminate the tower then please contact us for a detailed consultation about your on-tower fixture needs.

Can I control the lights from anywhere or do I need to be on site?2019-06-01T20:59:43+00:00

The color controller is a wifi controller with either its own SSID or can be controlled with your organization’s backhaul wireless. If your IT department wants to put the light control on your organization’s wifi then you can control the lights from anywhere you can access your network. The controller does not run on cellular technology due to the complex nature of the DMX control. Many white lights can be controlled via cellular technology, but not color fixtures (at least not yet). Most white lights are installed using a simple photocell.

Does Main Street LED offer any other products or services?2019-04-30T06:45:38+00:00

Occasionally. We work with municipalities and contractors to supply fixtures for park lighting, street lighting, stadium lighting, landscape lighting, etc.

Do you offer turnkey water tower lighting jobs including installation?2019-04-30T06:45:32+00:00

Main Street LED supplies all of the necessary hardware for a turnkey installation. For many reasons including costs, geotech, and distance we do not provide installation services. However, we will work with you, your engineer, or your electrician/contractor to answer any questions and provide technical support. Depending on your location we may recommend certain contractors that are familiar with our installation.

Do you sell gobo fixtures, lasers, etc. that can be used on a water tower?2019-04-30T06:45:25+00:00

Yes. Please tell us what you need and we’ll provide a quote.

Do you sell other products besides water tower lights?2019-04-30T06:45:18+00:00

Main Street LED offers the following products in addition to water tower lighting. Please call us for current pricing and inventory. We also keep a small inventory of overstock items.

  • Searchlights
  • Landscape lights
  • Lasers
  • Stadium lights
  • Street lights
  • Park lights
  • Strip/Module lights
  • Tube lights

Happy Star Wars Day!

Here at Main Street LED we celebrate ‘May the Fourth’ a little differently than others. How, you ask? By projecting an outdoor laser on a water tower! Check out this short Star Wars Day laser show on the Kyle, Texas downtown water tower. Contact us to turn your water tower into an attraction!