The Process

Step 1 – Photometric Analysis

An initial consultation with Main Street LED personnel will be used to determine the possibilities of your individual job.  All new water tower lighting jobs begin with an analysis of your site. You will provide us with a .cad or .pdf layout of your tower site and we will analyze it using advanced photometric analysis software. The model will determine the best pole location(s) based upon your preferences and site constraints. The analysis typically takes 3-4 days to complete.

Water Tower Lighting
Water Tower Lighting

Step 2 – Pole Selection

Once pole locations have been identified, you will determine whether or not to use an outside electrician or in-house crews to drill your pole foundations. Main Street LED typically delivers 39 foot round tapered steel light pole(s) with a 9 inch diameter and 11 gauge wall thickness. Other sizes are available based on specific conditions. These poles resist corrosion, are strong enough for two fixtures at maximum height, and have a very long lifespan. They are rated with an EPA of 10.8 in 100 MPH winds with a 1.3 gust factor. We can also have the bolts and bolt pattern pre-shipped.

We begin the pole manufacturing process once a 50% down payment is received for the water tower project. Delivery is expected between 12-14 weeks from order date. (Note – The driver will make contact with you prior to delivery. Someone must be present for the delivery.)

Light fixtures sit atop the poles on a custom base that fits over the 2-3/8” tenon top (and possible bullhorn). These are 11 gauge steel welded bases with pre-drilled holes and sturdy enough to hold the 66 lb fixture(s). The bases arrive separately within 2-3 weeks.

Step 3 – Manufacture the 1200 Watt Tower Series LED Fixtures

The Main Street LED water tower fixture (MSL-FLC-LW023-A) is manufactured and shipped within two weeks of order. The fixtures are custom manufactured based upon the results of the photometric analysis with the beam angle most appropriate for the installation. This results in maximum exposure on the tank without too much light spillage off the tank or pedestal. Delivery of the fixtures usually occurs around the same time or in advance of the poles.

Water Tower Lighting
Water Tower Lighting

Step 4 – Build the Controller

The fixtures are controlled via an app (‘Wifi 106’ located on iTunes or Google Play) or separate remote control via multiple transceivers. Main Street LED custom builds each transceiver utilizing the wireless 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n protocol that is converted to the DMX 512 protocol used to control the lights. One NEMA-enclosed master transmitter is placed somewhere onsite and each fixture will have a corresponding NEMA-enclosed receiver or wired CAT 5e connection. Transceivers are typically built and shipped within two weeks.

Step 5 – Assemble and Install all Components

All components should arrive within 12-14 weeks of order. Detailed specs and installation instructions are available in the Technical section of this website. Installation typically takes one full day for four poles and includes running conduit to each pole location and then assembling the poles, base plates, fixtures and controllers. Most components are plug-n-play making installation a breeze. You may need to install a new circuit depending on the number of fixtures installed (7-10 amps per fixture) and photocell. If you are not able to do your own installation or find a local electrician, Main Street LED has relationships with certain electrical contractors depending on your location.

Online tutorials are available to control your lights. A Main Street LED technician will also be available via phone or email at no charge. On site training or installation assistance is available for a fee.

Water Tower Lighting